"Chance favors the prepared mind."

About Us

Louis Pasteur

Our founders and principals have 30+ years of working with local, state, and federal campaigns inclusive of data analytics, messaging, distribution, and campaign strategy.

We are on the cutting edge of next generation integration of technology in campaigns combined with the right hybrid of time proven techniques while others who refuse to get on board instead sticking with their old past-century model apologize to their donors and volunteers for a loss.  

We have over 250 million records on individuals within the USA (500+ data points each), 350+ Million Cell Data, and 400+ Million E-mail data.

Unlike others in the industry who drive candidates to use solutions that have no visible tangible results wasting hundreds of thousand and sometimes millions of dollars on approaches solely because persons recommending the approach get a kick-back, our only goal is for you to win.  We do this so you can refer us to your friends, boast how your donors got the best bang for the buck/ROI, leverage the non-political capabilities of our platform to help your friends who are business owners that you can refer us to, and ask us to join you again on your journey for re-election.

We leverage economies of scale to deliver the best possible pricing for basic services to make our services affordable and value add while at the same time for the spare-no-expense pull out all the stops campaigns we can provide premium tailored or clandestine boutique services

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