Guiding Tenants

How We Work

  • We engage with clients based by using contracts/statements of work that clearly lay out expectations, role and responsibilities, timelines, remedies, and how changes will be handled
  • Because our services are in high demand and we get better pricing for all our clients because we require a significant deposit up front to ensure everything is in place to work quickly on your behalf as campaigns are fast paced.
  • We can tailor specific solutions based on candidate, campaign, objectives, budgets, etc. which us to present options to show what features/capabilities a client would get similar to the follow types of plans or automobile equivalents (highest sophistication to lowest):  Bugatti, Ferrari, Cadillac, or VW Beetle.
  • We leverage a detailed intake process to help us develop a specific price/proposal tailored to our prospects.
  • We work and speak directly to the GC and Candidate/Customer throughout the engagement and not through a third parties or lower level campaign staff to ensure there is complete transparency of the progress, results, potential issues, re-calibration recommendations, etc.
  • When engaged to distribute communications we work off a detailed schedule with identified key milestones for content development, approval, hard deadlines that must be met to meet desired distribution dates, etc. to ensure rapidness and readiness to deliver what was promised and allow us to accommodate rapid response.
  • We recommend a refundable contingency be setup in our engagements in races where it is contentious to allow rapid responses processes and infrastructure to be setup in advance.  When it happens you need to be able to respond in minutes/hours not days/weeks.
  • We are inclined to work as the sole provider for certain services to ensure that the results we expect are not impacted by parties outside our official engagement documents conducting similar activities that convey mixed messages from the candidate, have negative impacts/consequences to the candidate/customer, etc.
  • We are not in business to train outside parties or allow our trade secrets which give us a competitive advantage to the open market place, our competitors, or your competitors.
  • We do not finance or give loans to campaigns
  • We believe in a process of continual improvement and re-calibration so if we see developing trends or information that might cause a slight navigational tweak we encourage our team to roll-up those observations to we can work with you to be nimble to compete against your opposition
  • Clearly defined goals
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Clearly defined scope
  • Tailored cost conscious solutions
  • Sense of urgency & schedule
  • Rapid response
  • Continual and appropriate re-calibration