Voter Infusion leverages our teams vast years of experience in working with data combined with cutting edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence, etc. to segment, micro-target, and profile individual voters, voting households, new or dormant voters, etc. in order to achieve campaign objectives, increase voter turnout, battle voter fraud, get a tailored message that resonates with a specific voter, etc.  

Voter Infusion’s understanding of the data, voter DNA, proprietary algorithms to segment/profile/micro-target, amount of data points, and underlying technology inclusive of artificial intelligence enables us to weaponized data and mining to ensure to maximum value is delivered at the most reasonable cost depending on how brave and willing campaigns and organizations are to fully leverage our capabilities.

The below summarizes some examples of the types of capabilities we have:

Voter Participation

  • Advanced detection of unregistered voters favorable to party/candidate
  • Voter’s prior voting patterns
  • Voter’s position or disposition to an issue, candidate, etc.
  • Voter temperature / Snap Poll Data
  • Voter engagement / enthusiasm
  • Voter Intelligence (our model used to assess propensity to influence a decision)
  • Voter Campaign Involvement Level
  • Donation Types (Political and Non-Political)

Micro-Target / Segmentation Samples:

  • Specific Candidate Likely Voter
  • Blue/White Collar Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Wealth Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Ethnic Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Spoken Language Profile
  • Latin Specific Country of Origin Profile
  • African American Profile
  • Religious Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Profession Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Patriotism/Veteran Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Education Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Income/Economy Impact Profile/Sub-Profile
  • Family/Children Profile/Sub-Profile

Issue Advocacy Samples:

  • Abortion
  • Religious / Speech Freedom
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Taxes
  • Veterans
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Jobs/Economy
  • Break the Cycle/Better Life
  • Crime
  • Environment
  • Budget
  • Anti-Corruption/Anti-Swamp
  • Guns
  • Geography/Project Specific



  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Organization
  • Fundraising
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Polling/Snap Polls
  • Candidate Introduction 
  • Use of Our Proprietary or Customized Algorithms to Align Data Points to Candidate’s Campaign Needs
  • Micro Targeted Communications using distribution vehicles based on Voter DNA, Profiling/Sub-Profiling, Voter Participation, and Voter Propensity
  • Distribution Vehicle Technology (Social/Digital, E-mail, Text, Voicemail, other)
  • Rapid Response / Crisis Management Technology Utilization and Planning
  • Voter Registration / Voter Fraud Analysis
  • Campaign Communications Strategy and Plan
  • GOTV - Primary/Caucus and General, Early Voting, Absentee Voting, 72-Hour Push, etc.
  • Volunteer Fire-Up Technology Utilization
  • Opposition Disruption
  • Opposition Research / Opposition Intelligence
  • Integrate Geographic Data With Campaigns (i.e. Crime Rates, etc.)
  • Post Election Forensic Autopsy
  • Dashboard / Roll-Up of Results (our focus and full campaign view)
  • Confidential Proprietary Capabilities (inquire as needed)​